Tips and Tools for Tackling Weeds

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The only thing more sure than snow in winter, is weeds in the summer. While some weeds are actually great for the environment, we don't love when we see them coming up in our gardens. So, what are some ways to tackle weeds?


Adding mulch around plants can help keep weeds down. As long as you leave the plant a bit of breathing space, it will allow your plants to flourish without weeds taking over.

Use a Hoe to Get Ahead of Smaller Weeds

Starting early is the key to keeping your weed population down, especially between rows. Use a gentle motion to loosen baby weeds before they get too established. It makes a huge difference and isn't too hard on your back. Since smaller weeds haven't gone to seed, it's okay to leave them or remove them—up to you.

Hand Weed Established Weeds After A Good Rain

The best time to pull weeds that have already taken serious root is right after a big rain storm. With the soil being soft, it will allow you to get the full root of the plant. The sooner you can pull weeds, the better. A mature weed has deeper, more established roots that make getting the whole plant difficult. By pulling it before it goes to seed, and ensuring the root is removed as well, hand weeding will help lessen the amount of weeds you have in the future.

Although weeds are inevitable in a garden, there are ways to take control! What is your go-to for weed control?

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