How It Works


Your Membership

When you purchase a membership, you’ll receive a crate of farm fresh food each month. We take advantage of the different growing seasons and offer you a variety of healthy produce all year. Head over to our membership page to find details on joining. 


What's Growing

The food you receive depends on what is happening at the farm. Although the unpredictable weather can change what produce you get month by month, we want you to always be in the loop. Subscribe to our eNewsletter and stay connected with us on social media to see the latest news.

Pick Up

Your Crate

Varieties of leafy greens in the summer, squash in the fall, and eggs from our chickens in the colder months are just a few ways we adapt to the four seasons. Your crate will be packed and ready; all you have to do is come get it! 


Your Fresh Food

Now all that's left is to sit down, cook a meal and enjoy your fresh food. Not sure what to make? Head over to our news section, where we often post recipes that match what you receive in your crate. 

Frequently asked questions

What will I recieve in my crate?

The contents of your monthly crate will include whatever is in season at the moment. From fresh herbs in the spring to squash in the fall and honey in the winter, what you get will vary with the season.

Where can I pick up my crate?

Crates will be available for hands-free pickup at Harvest on the Hill, our family farm in Albany, MN.

Can I change or cancel my memerbship once its purchased?

Memberships can be canceled at the end of each year. If you change your mind, you can always sign back up again.

How long will the produce I receive stay fresh?

Because your produce is fresh-picked from our farm, you can expect your produce to stay fresh longer than produce that is shipped from across the country. Shelf-life varies by the vegetable, and you'll get an educational card with each crate explaining how to store and prepare the produce you get from Harvest on the Hill.

Can you deliver directly to my house?

Yes! We can schedule a delivery date to your house, with no-contact drop off. We will communicate with you ahead of time to see what will work for you, and where to leave your crate so it's out of the hot sun and in a safe space.