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OUR Farm

Growing For Good

Harvest on the Hill started as a small hobby farm where our family produced much of our own food and raised a variety of animals. We enjoy teaching our kids where their food comes from, how to grow vegetables from seeds, and the joy that comes from working with your hands. As they grow, so does our passion for sharing this way of life with others. Now as a small business, Harvest on the Hill is still our family farm, but we're happy to share its abundance with local families through our farmers' market stand in Albany.


Located just outside Albany, Minnesota, we grow a variety of produce, and raise laying hens, honey bees, fresh berries and apples, and more. For now, we're selling our goods from our Farmers' Market stand in downtown Albany, but we are hoping to offer memberships in 2021. 


OUR Vision

I started Harvest on the Hill with a vision of how food should be: fresh and local.

As a family, we are dedicated to growing healthy food the natural way. Big gardens with no pesticides. Free-range chickens who happily lay eggs from the freedom of our cage-free coop. Honey that's fresh from local bees. 


My passion is sharing these gifts with our community, so that you can fall in love with fresh eating, just like we all have. 


—Farmer Jay
Founder, Harvest on The Hill 

Albany, Minnesota


From Our Family To Yours

Our family-friendly farm was designed with kids in mind. To see where your food comes from, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures like these. We'd love to stay connected with you. Enjoy!

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